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Show Choir Competitions

The director, designers and choreographer work together to conceive and implement an amazing program, one that will allow the students to show off their skills while bringing every audience member to their feet. From costumes to make up, arrangements to staging and set designs, you leave no stone unturned. You spend hours on end making sure every note, tone and release is perfect. Visual blocks mark the positions and detail every step in the choreography. Countless meetings help your booster group identify the needs and opportunities available for all performing ensembles. You excel at you craft and your performers are ready to take the next step; you’re ready to show off on a national stage. Plan today to join us at one of our world class events.

Show Choir Competitions


At its core Heart of America is the students, the parents, the directors and the school organizations that believe in, support, and attend HOA events each year. It is a community of people that are excited by, challenged by, and learns from the educational components, performance opportunities, travel experiences, and supportive and nurturing environment curated by the HOA staff at each location. It is a diverse environment welcoming students & families from all nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and political opinions. Above all, it is a place where both students, and the musical/performing arts, are encouraged, supported, & celebrated.

Heart of America is also the people who run it. Passionate people who believe in creating this space for students and supporters. People who show up early and stay late. People who cultivate an environment of support and encouragement. People who are excited by and love the arts, be it musical or visual. People who believe that these events, and getting kids involved in groups and events like this, not only make kids smarter, but also make them better students and better people. People who know and understand that student travel and experiences like these can truly change a child’s life.

Show Choir Competitions


Heart of America Entertainment LLC (HOA) was started by Chad Alexander Williams as a direct response to feedback he received from teachers and educators coast-to-coast who wanted an affordable alternative to existing companies, while still offering a high-quality production, and well attended music competition. Since 2015, Heart of America has consistently provided some of the biggest, most competitive, and exciting line-ups for show choir and concert choir programs in the United States, all while maintaining an affordable price point alternative when compared to other companies providing the same (or similar) type services/programs. In a short yet impressive 5 years, HOA has attracted over 300 performing groups, from 29 different states, and is currently the largest producer of events for show choir programs in the United States attracting more groups than other companies combined in 2017, 2018, 2019, and already for 2020. Heart of America currently offers programs for middle school, Jr. High, High School, and Collegiate & University programs. Since our inception, we have proudly welcomed back numerous repeat programs all while consistently attracting new/first time programs each and every year.

Heart of America is committed to providing FAIR, EDUCATIONAL, and AFFORDABLE events with the highest level of professionalism and integrity. We believe that students can learn as much off stage as they do on thus, we strive to provide a safe and student friendly space where students and parents alike can stay, perform, eat, find age appropriate entertainment and learn, all under one roof. Heart of America also offers scholarship opportunities for students with many of our sponsors, and continues to grow and cultivate an environment where competition drives excellence, but every student is valued and given the opportunity to succeed. Heart of America Entertainment LLC is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN and has produced festivals in: Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, Cincinnati, OH, Indianapolis, IN, Nashville, TN, New York, NY, and Orlando, FL.

Show Choir Competitions

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    A student from Smith Cotton High School in Sedalia, MO goes on a student tour to Washington DC and it changes his life.

  • 2


    As a college freshman Chad accompanies the same program to Orlando, FL as a chaperone and sees first hand how other students lives are changed by traveling and competing in music festivals

  • 3


    A small company out of Mesa, AZ hires him to adjudicate a music festival in Branson, MO and shortly thereafter asks him to come work and helps develop their programs.

  • 4


    Chad begins developing & growing the programs for Capital Management Group LLC

  • 5


    From 2002-2012 Chad leads CMG (aka FAME events) to rapid growth, numerous new locations, and events expanding to 9 cities and over 120 groups a year at peak.

  • 6


    After numerous conversations with directors and industry professionals, Chad branches out on his own and creates Heart of America Entertainment LLC and offers 1 single event in Indianapolis, IN that very first year.

  • 7


    The company expands to include Nashville, TN and Cincinnati, OH.

  • 8


    The company expands to include Chicago, IL and Atlanta, GA.

  • 9


    After much internal review the company decides to not grow to big to fast and wants to keep clients interest high and thus decides to offer key strategic geographic locations: Chicago, Nashville, & Orlando, FL.

  • 10


    Heart of America partners with Music Travel Consultants.

  • 11


    Currently, Heart of America has positioned itself as a leader in the industry with a diverse and loyal client base, a high level of respect in the industry, and a strong potential for growth and profitability.